Fall Poem 2013

Evening Walk

for Kamau


Washington Square, Sunday evening,

the riptide of strollers

searching for the stray wonder


cloud-clustered round a tree-ricked sky,

the chill of fall

here life takes time


on one side a tap-dancer

sweet in the smoky dullness of his brain

blows his blues out on an empty bottle



he woogies down to meet his partner,

they share one spaced-out smile


in the centre of the dried-out fountain

an oriental youth psyches himself up

so far from home



The crowd begins to jeer,

he walks over to his bundle


takes out a cross-bow

and flings a challenge in the air,

the crowd applauds


old men bump through

infants mothed in pink and blue

biting the edges of fingernails


the crowds crisscross on the centrefold,

hard night descends on Washington Square;

park gates close at midnight


so un-scissor the ball in the crotch of the pocket,

the way’s ahead

the traffic lights say: “W A L K”


© Cynthia James – 2013-09-21

2 Commentsto Fall Poem 2013

  1. Sylvia says:

    I follow the scenes, the imagery, the idea one by one, then “unscisor the ball in the crotch”; what does that mean? All fall down!?

  2. Cynthia says:

    Fall poem, Sylvia. All life takes time. Your interpretation of the seasonal metaphor is as good as any. The line is intentionally ambiguous, so whatever image it brought to mind I’m glad it stirred your imagination. Thanks for the response!