These gallery pages show some of the memorable places that I have visited.

My visit to St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market this Summer 2013 was just as memorable this second time around as it was the first time I visited in Summer 2011. I was able this time to appreciate much more the wide display of products and see the changes creeping into this wonderful Mennonite heritage town.  I hope that the village atmosphere is retained as long as possible, what with the signs of encroaching chain stores.

However, the highlight for me so far has been my 7-day coach tour in July 2012 from Toronto to Prince Edward Island, stopping at each of the provinces along the way to the Atlantic at Prince Edward Island. This coach tour was a multicultural and multilingual family extravaganza. Among the 55 of us, there were grannies and grandpas, small children and their parents, people who needed wheelchairs to move around to visit the sights when we stopped, children with disabilities and of course single people like me.

There were Trinis and Guyanese and Phillipinos, people from India and Czechoslovakia and Bangladesh and the Ukraine and other countries of the world I cannot now remember. Needless to say we overnighted at hotels along the way, and during the day made several pit stops at food takeouts and gas stations with restrooms that are conveniently located all along the various highways. These stopovers and watering holes are well equipped with restroom facilities and food. Coach tours are a welcome part of their economic existence.

I hope that you get a feel for the sights and enjoy them as much as I did.

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