Gallery 4: New Brunswick

My Visit to New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, the colonial heritage of places like King’s Landing made a big impact on me. To see familiar landmarks with which I grew up in Trinidad in the Caribbean, just made me more aware of the reach and control of empires, regardless of epoch, whether contemporary or in antiquity. The sway of powerful countries on the cultural life of their outposts, now as well as from time immemorial, can last well nigh an eternity. 


Red Cliff Beach at St. Martin’s



The tide was out, so I walked out along the red sand beach to look for shells to make an earring!



Me at Grand Falls next to the statue of a courageous First Nations lady during the colonial period




Me at the entrance to the longest covered bridge in the world, looking to get “bounce down”!



King’s Landing, a heritage site that made me go back in time to a life I once knew.



Two Trini rum-heads went to drink in The King’s Head, forgot the time and where the coach was parked. We searched the acreage for nearly half-an-hour and almost left them (lol).



Remember that British poem about the Village Blacksmith? Now here he is, still alive, anvil and all!



Talk about Rumpelstiltskin and spinning yarn into gold…




The Hopewell Flowerpots and our tour members walking the beach just before the 3 pm tidal bore.




I am sure that I saw my grandmother cooking in a kitchen that looked like this not so long ago




Me at a water wheel at King’s Landing




And last of all Reversing Falls, which didn’t impress us much. But see the famous paper mill across the river shrouded in mist?