Leap Year 2016

I was born in a leap year, not on the rare ‘leap day,’ mind you. Still, for me a leap year carries a mark of distinction.

And don’t try to disabuse me of the notion of distinctiveness by any reminder of the origins of ‘leap’ in convenient mathematical formulation; in the whimsical switching from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar; or in some centuries-old fiddling with decimal point calculations in order to square solar revolutions.

For I enter the gates of Janus 2016, with calm, with optimism and with assurance … in spite of the unpredictability of my fortunes, in spite of the persistent flaring of global conflict from which none is exempt.

The trick is to remember that MY leap year belongs not only to me, but to all of US, so I’ve already begun to meet my challenges with more investment in the power of the human touch, with more critical thought in strategizing resources, with more prayerfulness and with more effort.

And what of the years on either side of the leap doorway – surely, they hold much more significance than their indivisibility by four. Triumph and Promise – they sustain me on the leap journey, facing as they do, both backward and forward.

 ©Cynthia James – January 2016

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